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Joseph N. Roberts, Jr. Biography

Joseph Roberts, African American CEO/President in the Beverage Industry and Pastor of El Beth-el Community Cathedral in Palmyra, NJ, is the epitome of leadership and faith. Joe’s passion for sales and beverages began while working at his parents’ taverns throughout Camden, NJ. Growing up as an inner-city youth, Joe had to conquer many hurdles mentally and physically. The City of Camden became Joe’s training ground for success. There is a momentum you feel when you meet Joe. His training as a boxer and his devotion to Church has fostered his winning mentality. Through years of discipline, he acquired a second nature for understanding what it takes to make a successful brand. A testament to his tireless drive and ambition is his 30 plus successful years in the Food and Beverage Industry. Joe’s passion and the pursuit thereof has molded him into a consummate executive, defying bureaucracy, cultural divides, and systemic confines. As a Pastor, Joe’s love for people is embedded in the framework of his life and everything he touches. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to be committed to something more significant than the company, for how can a company have effective success without supporting those around it? Joe has found success by two of many tenets, faith, and commitment. “It takes a lot of faith to start a new company, and to be an entrepreneur” proclaims Joe. “Faith is what gives you the ability to take nothing, visualize it, and make something out of it.” He goes on to say, “Commitment gives you the ability to stick with things even when all odds are against you. That’s what the spiritual side of my life has taught me, and it gives me the passion and the drive I need every day.” Joe’s passion awakens a fire in everyone he meets. Through his walk as a faith leader, husband, father, mentor, and entrepreneur, Joe has forged the way for many to see beyond their present and take ownership of their future.

Joe has recognitions from many government and civic organizations for his community efforts to fight poverty and unemployment:

  • U.S. President, Barack Obama
  • U.S. Congressman, Hanen Clarke
  • Mayor, Dana L. Redd Camden, NJ
  • Councilwoman, Brenda Jones Detroit, MI

Joe has an extensive career in the Beverage Industry with many features on CN8, and in Beverage World, Beverage Industry, Beverage Spectrum, as well as other numerous local and international television shows, newspapers, and magazines.

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